auf dem Schlauch stehen

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auf dem Schlauch stehen (German) — Literally "to stand on a hose"

To not understand, be stumped, not have a clue, not get it

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"auf dem Schlauch stehen" in lyrics

And they breathe life into you and tell you then: don't let that bother you<fn>pun with "mach was draus" ("make something out of it", "use it")</fn>,
and what you know most often isn't what you believe at all,
anyways, what you want is rarely what you need
And you stood tall<fn>lit. "you stand like a one"</fn> your whole life long and get stuck in the door<fn>that is a very free translation to try to translate an idiom without equivalent. "auf dem Schlauch stehen" ("to stand on the hose") means "to have no clue how to solve a problem", "to be stuck solving a problem", "to have a thinking blockade", "to not get it at all because you miss a fact"</fn>
and what they call soul is only the sum of permanent damages,
all your life you collect scratches and bruises and scars,

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