A bag of bones

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A bag of bones (English) — A severely emaciated person or animal.

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Translations of "A bag of bones"

RussianКожа да кости
SerbianКожа и кост

"A bag of bones" in lyrics

You put your finger into your throat

The way you walk leads to nowhere
I see a bag of bones, I am not blind at all
You stand at the precipice, you don't even realize it
You are not beautiful anymore when you break down

LaFee - You are beautiful

Out across the endless sea
I would die in ecstasy
But I'll be a bag of bones
Driving down the road along

Norah Jones - Don't Know Why

Well you're running with the hare (well you're running with the hare)
and hunting with the hounds (and hunting with the hounds)
I'm a bag of bones (I'm a bag of bones)
can you sign my bones (can you sign my bones)

Oliver Koletzki - Bones

I've got a fast life and
A slow cuttin' knife
I've been drinkin' at a poisoned well
No home and a bag of bones
And nothin' else left to sell
I know why I'm in this hell

REDLIGHT KING - Bullet in my hand

of the sad figure
of yonder horseman,
astride a nag
that today is a bag of bones,
by the name of "take my dream".

La Caja De Pandora - The Garden of the Idiots

Cause I am more than atoms and notions
Smoke mirrors and potions
A bag of bones in motion
Come drown in my ocean

ABRA. - Atoms

I need to know
if you're still alive

you hold me like a bag of bones
wrapped up and underground
pull me out so I can feel

Thriving Ivory - Long Hallway With A Broken Light

Oh, the whale is not my friend tonight,
I've never been alone.
Oh, the whale is not my friend tonight,
It's just a bag of bones.
Oh, the whale is not my friend tonight.

Years&Years - The whale

The waves overcome.
Never been like that before
And I feel like a bag of bones.
But forward's the only way to go

Kidneythieves - Living Like You Did