To be on the safe side

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To be on the safe side (English) — To avoid risks

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Translations of "To be on the safe side"

Hebrewללכת על בטוח (סלנג), ליתר ביטחון
ItalianTra vedere e non vedere

"To be on the safe side" in lyrics

I pray a prayer when no one sees me
You also have dark secrets
Best to be on the safe side of belief
To guard yourself, to not burn bridges
People are idiots

Kent - Idiots

Since everything that comes out of his<fn>using "his" as the neutral default, since no gender is expressed in the original.</fn>mouth
Is just to give himself credit.

To live a life in fear<fn>to be on the safe side or to never take any risks.</fn>
Is a life half lived<fn>I tend to think of "Namen" as one's own character. 'The outcome of one's character when "playing it safe" will never be known' is my interpretation of the line.</fn>
Don't ever be afraid to write your own destiny<fn>lit. song</fn>

Eric Fish - To Be Different