Bend over backwards

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Bend over backwards (English) — Çox çalışmaq, əlləşmək; Kiməsə kömək etməyə çalışmaq.

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Bend over backwards — to try very hard

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Translations of "Bend over backwards"

AzerbaijaniDəridən-qabıqdan çıxmaq
FrenchSe plier en quatre
FrenchSe mettre en quatre
ItalianFarsi in quattro
Russianлезть из кожи вон

"Bend over backwards" in lyrics

25 to life

[Verse 2]
I feel like when I bend over backwards for you all you do is laugh
Cause that ain't good enough you expect me to fold myself in half
Til I snap

Eminem - 25 To Life

Get a grip on yourself
Think about what you want and make a list of it
And then you'll live it from dusk till dawn, as you've gotten more energy at night
You'll bend over backwards for it even though sometimes it gets hard

Take over the situation

Robin - The moment of spark

You go to work and back again
You stand on your legs
Or bend over backwards

And suddenly you ask yourself

Fotos - Actually happy

My fever had all the colours
All the affairs also burned
I tore silk and ate flowers
I bend over backwards
I almost press the button
Of self destruction

Zélia Duncan - Who Said So?

Oh, because I'm a drummer (... is a lonesome man)
Don't need latium, hang around with musicians
I'm loyal but dumb (a drumming man...)
Bend over backwards for the bands (... is a courageous man)
I'm a man without a purpose, don't belong anywhere...
Because I'm a drummer, because I'm a drummer, drum-M-E-R, drum-M-E-R

Die Ärzte - Golden Craft

or if the others cry out "head on!" and you cry "head back!"

If your virtue prevents you from talking with the crowds
and when you're around a bigwig you bend over backwards
if neither foes nor loving friends matter to you
and you feign you love them without ever feeling anything

Kostas Varnalis - If

Imagine, moreover,
neither thieves nor masters;
if, by mistake, there’s a poor wretch,
everybody will bend over backwards.
Imagine the best world
you can imagine…

Luciano Ravasio - Imagine

Suck me! I'm the new B-Rabbit
You sell your ass for a big mac
Look at the slut, I'm the sofabed itself
I don't bend over backwards without the beat leaving
I'm rapping a tragic life, guys aree laughing around
My team holds yours in a small car

Georgio - You know what's going on

but you have to begin pulling udders, until you’re burned out.

‟Johnny, Little Johnny, to make money
you have to bend over backwards, you have to walk on nails,
you have to be a scrooge, you have to do enough to be driven mad,
you have to slog like a labourer and not to be a milksop.

Luciano Ravasio - Milk Johnny