Bingo !

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Bingo ! (French) — (onomatopée)

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Translations of "Bingo !"

AzerbaijaniCekpotu udmaq
EnglishHit the jackpot
EnglishYahtzee !
FrenchToucher le jackpot
FrenchGagner le gros lot

"Bingo !" in lyrics

Or you'll get slapped by Mauresmo's hands
Paris by night - too many junkies
Downtown or in the hood, it's fucked up and dead boring
Maître Gims, bingo, I think I got the single
I'm not Sean Paul nor Kingston, I'm from Congo
Here I'm off, no time for chattering girl

Sexion d’Assaut - Who Told You?

I can take you on the flight all right
And I know this come over freaky night
What's up bad boy?
Tryna can catch me up
My border is joy
All I wanna do is party with you

SEREBRO - Sexy Ass

Every single day I try
정말 거의 다 왔어
We get closer to a good time
시련들에 Say goodbye
Sexy, Free & Single
이제 준비는 완료

Super Junior - Sexy, Free & Single

İst good?
İs fair mixed we?

Thats conscience
Is that get used to?

Mustafa Sandal - Fire and forget

Que des N° 10 dans ma team, négro

J'attends pas que ça tombe du ciel
Si t'es pas N° 10 à Panam t'es la banane du siècle
Là où j'opère, nombreuses seront les victimes

Booba - N° 10

Every single day I try
I'm almost there
We get closer to a good time
Say goodbye to hardships
Sexy, Free & Single
I'm done with preparations

Super Junior - Sexy, Free & Single

(Baby Rasta & Daddy Yankee)
La, la, la, la (Se Paraliza El Mundo)
La, la, la, la
La, la, la, la (EME Music) (Welcome To The remix)

La, la, la, la (Baby Rasta y Gringo)

Baby Rasta - La La La La (Official Remix)

난 니 주위를 맴돌아 빙글빙글
너만이 날 만족시켜
You make me tingle tingle
넌 내 삶의 bingo 커져버렸던 내 ego
때문에 난 너를 잃어 넌 mirror 속에 girl

U-KISS - Bingeul Bingeul (빙글빙글)

Ve her zaman haberlere erkeklerle girdiğimizde
Hiçbir dokunuş için endişelenmem ve bir sonraki kız için de endişelenmem
Onlar senin giyinme şeklini seviyorlar, ve senin üstünde boka sarmazlar
Bingo, turnayı gözünden vurdun
Popo atışı olmadan, sadece kötü kaçırdın
İyi görünüyorsun, kızım, iyi olduğunu biliyor musun, bilmiyor musun?

Selena Gomez - Good for you

I do enjoy every time I think you music sounds
El Cartel killing and Los Lobos

They dream of sticking up bingo board
When he commanded the game, Monday to Sunday
We are the murderers of the lingo

Baby Rasta - La La La La (Official Remix)

Brother , I'm not kidding with money , at the HQ bro it's all about euros ,
Let's enter in the thick of things , suburbanite , I take the bait just to party
This morning a rabbit shot down a cop !
White & brown , hey bingo !
They tell us about leather & silver , outside we turn crazy ,
Gringo , ingot department

Booba - Number 10

Like an icecube I melt when you look at me
Although I try to play cool
Damn mama, I admire your genes
You know that

I move like a cat

Kasmir - Babies

His name was Leif and lief's party never ended
He would party all night even if he were shoot
In drinking competicions noone had a chance
He snaps like at the Bingo, 3-2-1 dance

Sing rah-rah everyone, bring some soda

Staysman & Lazz - A Well Done Pizza

yeeeeeaaaah, whoaaaaaa

And I was waiting for my number come
Like a bingo calling singing in the sun
You said a number sixty-nine, I said ok

The Verve - Appalachian Springs

Every single day I try
Jeongmal geoui da wasseo
We get closer to a good time
Siryeon deure Say goodbye
Sexy, Free & Single
Ije junbi neun walryo

Super Junior - Sexy, Free & Single

está en cuarto de ESO en un instituto de las cercanías, sale con un tipo de su barrio desde hace poco
es como a ella le gusta es decir algo más viejo que ella, parece enamorado; todo lo tienen para ser felices
nunca lo ha hecho; sólo esperaba al buen tío.
en este momento se dice bingo están solos en un twingo (coche); entonces van a tener swing; ella se quita el tanga y se gana el Ace como Tsonga*
sí pero nueve meses más tarde
El no asume y huye como un bastardo

Colonel Reyel - Aurelie

I'm feeling generous, throwing my money
She said she wanted the molly love
I gave her the dick but I'm not in love
I call out, "Bingo!" the minute I'm boning
Soon as I'm done, kick her out in the morning
Got xans when I turn up, it's a party, bust it open

DJ Khaled - How Many Times

I sell any kind of word
I keep some
but i don't care about all the others
I sort pocket-money to fling to the bottom of a well
or to scratch the golden coating of a multi-millionaire prize-winnig competition
distrust from forgers

Daniele Silvestri - Pocket-money

get old withoud having grown up

too much violence on tv in the afternoon
texas holdem in the bingo floors
we'll be hacker for the pcs of ourselves
bocce champions with the nintendo WII *(5)


1 for you, no problemo
Why act so fancy love
I have the intention got it?
Check this so bingo blow
Down that ass, go sit, go with the flow

Fouradi - 1 Thing

Evokes the cold yesterday:
"Finland attacks! Finland defends!"
Brains are full of bearings
And a bingo win rescues the all!

A communist is a janitor,

Hector - Finnish Maiden

Sort avec un mec de son quartier depuis peu
Il est comme elle aime c'est-a-dire un peu plus vieux, il a l'air amoureux, ils ont tout pour être heureux.
Elle l'a jamais fait elle attendais juste le bon gars.
Là elle se dit bingo, ils sont seuls dans la Twingo, donc ca va swinger,elle enlève sont tanga, et réussit le Ace comme Tsonga .
Oui, mais voilà 9 mois plus tard
il n'assume pas et se sauve comme un bâtard .

Colonel Reyel - Aurelie

Gün be gün deniyorum, neredeyse oraya vardım.
İyi bir zamanda yakınlaştık, tüm zorluklara elveda de
Seksi,Özgür&Bekar şimdi hazırlıklar tamamlandı.
Seksi,Özgür&Bekar ben de hazırım,Bingo!
Hey, biri seni kolayca elde edebiliyorsa bu hiç de eğlenceli değil.
Biraz daha yüksek, güçlü lalalalalala~

Super Junior - Sexy,Free&Single

I'm in love with a girl I found
She's really swell
Cause she likes
Church, bingo chances, old time dances

All my life I spent the night

Alexander Rybak - Disney Girls

J-ax bisogna muoversi è gia il 2009
giusto in tempo
sai che ridere se che ridere se se

Sai che ridere se la mia generazione
arriverà all'età della pensione

J-Ax - I vecchietti fanno ooh

Fu, andiamo!

Oh, il modo in cui balli musica pop, ragazza
Mi fa impazzire, mostrami cosa hai, ragazza!

Redfoo - Nuova Cosa

Io vendo promesse di ogni sorta
qualcuna la mantengo
di tutte le altre invece non mi importa
Io smisto monetine da gettare in fondo a un pozzo
o da grattare sulla patina dorata di un concorso a premi multimiliardari
diffidate dei falsari

Daniele Silvestri - Monetine

I'm in the collard green 6, cornbread in the guts.
Got the Halloween kicks trick or treating the clutch.
Come on nigga, is you tricking or what?
Flow tighter than a dick in the butt.
Just hopped off the plane, came back from Vancouv'
Little white tee, some boobs and bamboo.

Nicki Minaj - Roger That

Sanırım bu çocuk gittikçe yeşil bir Goblin'e dönüşüyor
Duydum ki kamışı pantolona sığmıyormuş
Bir film çekebiliriz Rambonunki gibi
Boom boom pow işte bu tam bingo olurdu
Acaba bu çocuk benim argomu anlayabilir mi
(Çünkü biliyorum evde bekleyen bir karın var)

Nicki Minaj - Ateşli Bir Kadın(Official Lyrics)

Pana mío, ya yo he enterrao como catorce amigos
que han tenido el poder y en menos de un año se han caído
Jugando bingo con mi ring
ton la valvula y la King Kong
de tanto pelarme rodilla ahora digo bingo…

D.OZi - Se Fue (Remix)

1 voor jou en niks aan het handje
Waarom doe je fancy schatje
Ik heb de intentie vat je?
Check wat hier zo bingo blow
Down die kont ga zitten ik flow

Fouradi - 1 Ding

Woo-woo things,dägädää, dägädää

It's a bohemian,so bohemian,like a bohemian outboard motor
It's murky,so murky,it's murky,the space makes a bet on lotto and bingo of it
It's the brother of a playboy,always it

Sielun Veljet - Woo-woo things

La, ra-ra-ru, la-p-ta,
La, ri-ra-ra-ra,
La, ri-li-lu-li-p-ți
Lu, li-li-lu-li-p-ți,

Pasărea Colibri - Summer in the Countryside

She's so proper, a head-knocker
What it do, after school (Yeah)
I just hit the lotto, she hit the follow
B-I-N-G-O, bingo, bingo
Put my picture on your locker
Tell your girls, I'll tell my crew

Jacob Sartorius - Bingo

perché le bombe non cambiano idea.

C'è un orango c'è un orango
Bingo Bongo Bingo Bongo nella città
ma la jungla ma la jungla a me mi sembra che sia questa qua
la vedo brutta per l'umanità

Adriano Celentano - Jungla di città

Fu, lets go!

Oh, the way that you pop, girl
Makes me go cray, show me what you got, girl!

Redfoo - New Thang

I salt and pepper my Mango
Shoot Spit Out the window
Bingo I got him in the thing yo

Quit bending all my Fingo

M.I.A. - Sunshowers

If I forget the secret
Took my eye off of the Ball?

Cause Bingo, now I'm hitting the 6

M.I.A. - Bingo

Niinku jääpala mä sulan ku sä katot mua
Vaik koitan olla viilee
Damn mama, mä ihailen sun geenejä
Kyl sä tiiät sen

Niinkun, kissa liikun,

Kasmir - Vauvoja

Hola hola
Hola hola
Oh boy, you had me at
Hola hola
Had me at

Becky G - Hola Hola

Give me some rum!!!! Khoi! Khoi!

That's thunder-like cry:
Give the rum to people!
It's necessary in any case
That people drink rum!

Korol' I Shut - Rum

Han het Roger var det snakk om fest var’n alltid ladd bang
Og Roger kom seg kun på jobb når Roger gadd
Han kosa seg som trygda, han kosa seg som blakk
Og ingen visste åssen han fikk råd til alle drinkene han drakk

Syng rah-rah alle mann, ta med deg blandevann

Staysman & Lazz - En Godt Stekt Pizza

Forget about the Cayman Islands, make a deposit in Paquetá
If I can't afford a Cordon Bleu, I'll have cabidela <fn>A Portuguese dish made with poultry or rabbit</fn> or vatapá <fn>Brazilian dish made from bread, shrimp, coconut milk, finely ground peanuts and palm oil mashed into a creamy paste</fn>
Those who can't go to Las Vegas have fun at the bingo in Irajá <fn>Neighborhood in Rio de Janeiro</fn>
Those who can't live Beverly Hills, live with an aid from the government

Zeca Baleiro - Go to Madureira

Gece boyunca yollardayız, her gün farklı bir şehir.
Ve bu çılgınca, herkes parçalarımı biliyor.
Sabah kalkıyorum ve tüm Dünyayı kucaklamak istiyorum.
Bingo, çocuklar beni Rapin tanrısı diye çağırıyor.
Senin stüdyon var, ama ben bu boku laptopumdan yapıyorum.
Parçalarımın senin için favori veyahut kötü olmasının önemi yok.

Cro - Die Welt Gehört Dir

<em>[Nicki Minaj:]</em>
Acabei de conhecer um cara, acabei de conhecer um cara quando
Ele poderia vir aqui pra dentro do meu chiqueirinho[fn]o correto seria <em>playpen</em>, em vez de <em>play end</em>
(obrigado ao usuário @Rico.21)[/fn]
Porque ele parece uma celebridade promovendo sua carreira
Então eu penso que eu vou pegá-lo

Nicki Minaj - Va Va Voom

Give me that real old time religion (3X)
It's good enough for me!

Unknown Artist (English) - The Real Old Time Religion

Another war and now the pound is looking weak
And tell me have you read about the latest freak?
We're bingo numbers and our names are obsolete
Why do I feel bitter when I should be feeling sweet?

Shakespears Sister - Hello (Turn Your Radio On)

Zaljubljen sam u devojku koju sam nasao
Ona je stvarno odlicna
Zato sto joj se svidjaju
Crkva, bingo sanse, stari plesovi

Ceo svoj zivot proveo sam noc

Alexander Rybak - Diznijeve Devojke

When the world spins like a disco ball, keep yourself as a man.

When there's nothing left but balls[fn]Yes, balls as in testicles, unless someone thinks it's literally stools that's all he has left[/fn], hillbilly[fn]The Finnish word used here is here literally a person who lives in the forest, it has the same connotations as the word hillbilly[/fn] doesn't know what ship he's[fn value="10"]Finnish has gender neutral pronouns, so it could well be a female hillbilly and a man with mascara on his cheeks, linguistically[/fn] getting loaded into.
In one's sleeve hawks are bingo wings, and the surrogate victim has a meter of mascara on her[fn value="10"][/fn] cheekbones.

I'm doing dead last mistakes here, green leaves and chlorophyll[fn]Literally: Green leaves and leafgreen[/fn] are what I need.

Teflon Brothers - Keep yourself as a man

ερωτεύτηκα ένα κορίτσι που βρήκα.
Είναι έξοχη
μιας και της αρέσει
η εκκλησία, το bingo και οι παλιοί χοροί..

Α, ζωή μου, πέρασα τη νύχτα*

Alexander Rybak - Τα κορίτσια της Disney

Încă un război şi lira pare slăbită
Şi, spune-mi, ai citit despre cea mai recentă ciudăţenie?
Suntem numere de bingo, iar numele noastre sunt demodate
De ce sunt supărată când ar trebui să fiu fericită?

Shakespears Sister - Bună (dă drumul la radio)

My liver, already I have buried like fourteen friends
That have had the power and in less than one year have fallen
Playing bingo with my ringtone
the valve and the King Kong
so much I have skinned my knee now I say bingo…

D.OZi - She Left (Remix)

Pourtant, j'fais bouger les têtes, tu connais mes textes
Connais pas ma technique, mec, mais t'es qui
Je vise le Bingo, que des faux lingots, éviter les bimbos, matte mon équipe
Ça fout les boules, ouais, ça les dégoûte
Car nous on déboule comme des fous dans la foule

L.E.J - Summer 2015

La, ra-ra-ru, la-p-ta,
La, ri-ra-ra-ra,
La, ri-li-lu-li-p-ți
Lu, li-li-lu-li-p-ți,

Pasărea Colibri - Vara la țară

Oh! Oh! Oh! Oooh!...

"Il più feroce tra le bestie
ormai si sa che è proprio l'uomo

Adriano Celentano - Uh... uh...

Vrtim se oko tebe
Samo ti možeš da me zadovoljiš. Ti me pališ, pališ
Ti si moj životni bingo. Željan sam sve da odbacim zbog tebe.
Jer te volim, ti si devojka u ogledalu

U-KISS - U krug

I did a search on your name and came up with 1 result-
It was your computer, you're a loser
Lame, your screen name pseudo hip-hop sounding lingo mixed up lowercase/capital letters
What you think this is Bingo? I got singles out already
People know my name in discerning circles from New York to LA
While you earn Colonels jerk pay spurt on dirty curtains in a big shirt singin Hip Hop Hooray

Princess Superstar - You Get Mad At Napster

mad as fuck only just alive.

You're walking down the post office to pick up your pension,
and then you're off to Bingo, it's become an obssession.
So weary of the kids when their wearin' their hoods up,
and even if they smile at you, you think its a stick-up.

Lily Allen - Nan, You're A Window Shopper

Esquece Ilhas Caiman deposita em Paquetá
Se não posso um Cordon Bleu, cabidela e vatapá
Quem não tem Las Vegas, vai no bingo de Irajá
Quem não tem Beverly Hills, mora no BNH <fn>Banco Nacional da Habitação, banco público brasileiro voltado ao financiamento e à produção de empreendimentos imobiliários</fn>

Zeca Baleiro - Vai de Madureira

C’est l’histoire d’un monsieur qui s’appelle Robert,
il aime passer les vacances au bord de la mer,
s’habiller en short, sortir le parasol,
boire assis sur une glacière en regardant le football.
Robert n’est pas jeune, il a ses habitudes :
apéro avant de dîner, les vacances c’est au sud,

Anna Roig i L'ombre de ton chien - Robert et Viviane

You think you know the score well? Uh oh, sorry baby!
I know what you don't know: nobody stops the crew from the dyke!
You think you know the score well! Uh oh, sorry baby!
I know what you don't know: nobody stops the crew from the dyke!

Deichkind - Crew From the Dyke

La nena de l'Antonio gasta un manso,
un xava batusser que és molt xuleta.
Per amor li toca el bolso i la masega
i la paia munta cada escandalera
que el pentina i va de canto.
En Pitu de cal Penques juga al Bingo

Jaume Sisa - Innocents

Hazır mısın şimdi ölmeye? Kesin bir karar versen iyi olur.

Hamlelerimi yaparım Mossad gibi, yakınım Tanrıya,
Yolum ne kadarda zorlu olsa yaklaştım bingo yapmaya.
Kafamı bir mermi yemeyi tercih ederim ancak ondan sonra dururum,
Bu yüzden devam edeceğim dünya bizim olana dek.

La Coka Nostra - Mossad

Oh, you like the way that sounds?

Little Jimmy Jackson is jackin' up his Bronco.
He's gonna lay a little rubber later on at the truck pull.
An' all the girls are getting' pretty... they're sprayin' on the White Rain.
Yeah, they're gonna get a rowdy tonight down at the football game.

Jason Aldean - Hicktown

They all talk about guns but they've never learnt
Still, I'm moving heads, you know my lyrics
Do not know my technique, man, but who are you
I go to bingo, that fake gold, avoid bimbos, look at my team
Fuck the haters, yeah, It disgusts them
Totally, it tumbles like crazy in the crowd

Bigflo et Oli - Gangsta

Im spinning all around you
Only you can make me satisfied. You make me tingle tingle.
You are my lifes bingo. To throw everything away for you, Im eager.
Because I lost you, youre the girl in the mirror

U-KISS - Spin Spin

Du meinst, du weißt gut Bescheid! Uh-oh, Baby, tut mir leid!
Ich weiss was, was du nicht weißt: Niemand stoppt die Crew vom Deich!
Du meinst, du weißt gut Bescheid! Uh-oh, Baby, tut mir leid!
Ich weiss was, was du nicht weißt: Niemand stoppt die Crew vom Deich!

Deichkind - Crew vom Deich

SNAI is a betting company.[/fn]
I’m the perfect target for loan sharks, but I hold them off,
I don’t play Al Pacino, I’m not addicted to Pachinko,
I don’t scratch, I don’t win, I don’t drink in Bingo rooms.[fn]Al Pacino played a gambling expert in the movie <a href=""><em>Two for the Money</em></a>.
<a href="">Pachinko</a> is a Japanese gambling game.
<a href="><em>Gratta e vinci</em></a> {Scratch and win} are tickets you can buy in any café or tobacconist’s: you scratch the thin film on them and uncover a message telling you if you won or lost.[/fn]

Caparezza - Hero (Story of Luigi delle Bicocche)

Weil Bomben keine Gedanken verändern.

Da ist ein Orang-Utan, da ist ein Orang-Utan,
Bingo Bongo, Bingo Bongo in der Stadt!
Aber der Dschungel, aber der Dschungel
Scheint mir das hier zu sein.

Adriano Celentano - Großstadtdschungel

gathering around Bingo"

As if by magic
Before me as a monkey <fn>"essere al cospetto di ---" means to be in presence/stand before of someone extremely important, usually a King. In this case, animals are in presence of Bingo, which they see as an authority. </fn>
The noise of animals
is fading.

Adriano Celentano - Uh... Uh...

Bravo, toi moi ex-æquo
On va tout gagner
Bingo avec un grand 'O'
C'est sur mon drapeau

Luce - Let's go

[Verse 1]

Once you have a certain mind,
it doesn't really change.
I've been here for a while,
looked around it's all the same

Young Paperboyz - Young Paperboyz - Scrabble

El es Leif y la fiesta de Leif nunca termina
El podría estar de fiesta toda la noche incluso si estuviese baleado
En competencias de beber nadie tiene una chance
De veras que es como en el Bingo, 3-2-1 baila

Rah-rah todo el mundo, trae un poco de refresco

Staysman & Lazz - Una Pizza Bien Hecha

Who's at the door, who's at the door,
Who's at the door, who's at the door,

This is like a bingo call
When I sing ...up and my face...tick, tick
Put the gold on now, with the billboard swag

Young Squage - Who's At The Door

Von jedem Ort der Schöpfung aus
Sehen wir bereits
Alle Tiere im Gänsemarsch laufen
Und sich um Bingo versammeln."

Wie durch Zauber

Adriano Celentano - Uh...uh

Go Go Gadget au cinéma quand on arrive devant les physios
Ma copine a trouvé des capotes dans mes poches : Go Go Gadget aux mythos
Rien à foutre de ton mode de vie bio', tout c'qu'on veut c'est mourir idiots
Quand tu finiras ta dernière ligne ce sera trop tard pour crier "Bingo !"
C'que tu rappes on l'sait déjà : t'as des tonnes de swag, et cetera
Mais tes vidéos font jamais d'clics, vite va falloir faire des clips avec des bébés chats

Disiz la Peste - Go Go Gadget

Dann schickt er mir ein Getränk
rosa wie ein Flamingo
er sagt, Kleine diese Nacht
hast du den Bingo geknackt

Ein Diplom von Sorbonne,

Milica Pavlović - Baja Papaya

Iniikutan kita
Ikaw lang makakapagsaya sa'kin
You make me tingle tingle.
I kaw ang bingo ng buhay ko.itataya ang lahat para sa iyo, Im eager.
Dahil nawala ka sa akin, ikaw ang babaeng sa salamin

U-KISS - Ikot Ikot

꿈이 없는 잠 깨곤
참 현실은 빈곤
저 하늘 그래 빈 곳 내가 채워
Like bingo shine

Find a way 강한 이끌림

Imfact - Shine (샤인)

Clickety-click[fn]c'est de l'argot de joueur de bingo, pour désigner la sortie du nombre 66[/fn]
Attends une minute
Oh non !
Bingo !

Faites-les rire

Pink Floyd - Pas maintenant, mon gars

Bravo, you me together
We're going to win everything
Bingo with a big 'O'
That's on my flag

Luce - Let's go

Fuck all that we've got to get on with these
Got to compete with the wily Japanese
There's too many home fires burning
And not enough trees
So fuck all that
We've got to get on with these

Pink Floyd - Not now John

Kratka suknja, prava lutka
tvoja ruka na struku
takvi kao ti sreco
uvek bingo izvuku
Kratka suknja, prava lutka

Boki 13 - Osoba X

Ladies and Germany, this is Radio India broadcasting to you
right now in international frequency

Bye-bye Mom
I'm off to India,
Don't worry I will not catch bacteria

Assi Rose - Off to India

Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh!...

Choeur :
"La plus féroce des bêtes
On sait désormais que c'est bien l'homme

Adriano Celentano - Oh...Oh...

Are you ready ?
U-u-u-u-kiss and brave sound, brave sound
Binggeul binggeul binggeul binggeul
Binggeul binggeul binggeul binggeul
Binggeul binggeul binggeul binggeul
Binggeul binggeul binggeul binggeul

U-KISS - Bingeul Bingeul

We gon get it rocking now
B.I.N.G.O 빙고 B.I.N.G.O
B.I.N.G.O 그래 우린 해냈어
B.I.N.G.O B.I. B.I.N.G.O
그래 우린 해냈어


Baja Papaja
usta papagaja
lepi se na mene
ovoj priči nikad kraja

Veliki ko Kisa

Milica Pavlović - Baja papaja

Pieprz to co było, trzeba się zająć tym co jest
Trzeba walczyć z podstępnymi Japońcami
Za dużo kominków w domach płonie
I brakuje już drzew
Więc pieprz to co było
Trzeba zająć się tym co jest

Pink Floyd - Nie teraz John

[Verse 1 - Disiz]
Disiz and Orel ', you saw the feat you have said! "Waho"
In live we're Titans, must see it to believe it
I have two powers: the meaning and the word
Go Go Gadget to text Go Go Gadget to flow
Just to show you that it's too easy, I make Go Go Gadget to hit

Disiz la Peste - Go Go Gadget

"Schon wieder ein neuer Krieg!" und: "Das Pfund wird immer schwächer!"
"Und, sag, hast du schon von der allerneuesten Verrücktheit gelesen?"
Wir sind nur noch Bingo-Nummern und unsere Namen sind überholt.
Warum macht mich das bitter, wo ich doch begeistert davon sein sollte?

Shakespears Sister - Hallo (schalt dein Radio an)

1,2 Lets Go
We’re back and always gonna stay
Swing big and do it everyday
We got it, Hit bingo
If your single, Lets Go

U-KISS - Feel it

<em>Questa che vado a raccontarvi
è la vera storia di Luigi delle Bicocche,[fn]bicocca = baracca.[/fn]
eroe contemporaneo
a cui noi tutti dobbiamo la nostra libertà.</em>

Piacere, Luigi delle Bicocche,

Caparezza - Eroe (Storia di Luigi delle Bicocche)

Ils parlent tous de flingues mais ne tirent jamais
Pourtant, j'fais bouger les têtes, tu connais mes textes
Connais pas ma technique, mec, mais t'es qui
Je vise le Bingo, que des faux lingots, éviter les bimbos, matte mon équipe
Ça fout les boules, ouais, ça les dégoûte
Totalement on déboule comme des fous dans la foule

Bigflo et Oli - Gangsta

Fu! Haydi gidelim!

Ah, o senin popüler tarafın kızım
Beni çıldırtıyor, neyin varsa bana göster kızım!

Redfoo - Yeni Parça

1, 2 Let’s Go
We’ re back and always gonna stay
Swing big and do it everyday
We got it, Hit bingo
If you’re single, Let’s Go

U-KISS - Feel it

Kkumi eopsneun jam kkaegon
Cham hyeonsireun bingon
Jeo haneul geurae bin got naega chaewo
Like bingo shine

Find a way ganghan ikkeullim

Imfact - Shine

whether there is snow out here,
scarf, gloves and cap.
No, I’m not a guy who likes
<em>tombola</em> or <em>sette e mezzo</em>.[fn]<em>tombola</em> is a game of chance similar to a raffle or to bingo, and is usually played on Christmas or other feasts.
<em>sette e mezzo</em> {seven and a half} is a card game like blackjack, in which your card must total up as close as possible to 7½ (figures count as ½).[/fn]

Spaziobianco - Shitty Christmas

1,2 Lets Go
We’re back and always gonna stay
Swing big and do it everyday
We got it, Hit bingo
If your single, Lets Go

U-KISS - Feel it

And what if I'm a plain woman.
What if I always go out with my shell,
If at balls I always step on my dance partner,
If at bingo I get confused,
If when I drink a couple of glasses,
I always tell the most intimate secrets.

Pastora - And What If I'm A Plain Woman

Whenever I see you my tension rises
I would've ripped both your eyes out

Girl get away from my boyfriend
Don't dare look at my soul (referring to her boyfriend)
He has me, and you just stay and explode (have a breakdown)

Adelina Ismajli - Get away from my boyfriend

I call my migo, migo come and let me juug through the city
He stuffed it with burritos and he let 'em fly right to me
Bitches call me Casino but I let 'em ride 'round the city
She want bingo, kilo, no sweat, now she can ride in the Bentley


Young Thug - Hercules

če njama da si alčen za pari.

Bjala kǎšta v bingo dal,
a kolata e prodal.
Zlatna niva - toto pusnal,

Reni - Imanjar pečalbar

mos u lodh me i shku si lopë përmas.

O le rahat bre, se ai femër ka
ajo jam unë e n'Bingo i kam ra.

Largohu qiko nga frajeri im

Adelina Ismajli - Largohu Nga Frajeri Im

Siktir et tüm bunları sürdürmeliyiz
Yarışmalıyız cingöz japonla
Bir sürü ev var yanmakta olan
Ama yeterince ağaç yok etrafta
Öyleyse siktir et hepsini
Sürdürmeliyiz tüm bunları

Pink Floyd - Şimdi Değil John

La hija de Antonio tontea con un muchacho
un chico brutote que es muy chulito.
Por amor le mete mano en el bolso y la acaricia groseramente
y la chica le echa tales gritos
que lo hace ir recto como quiere.
Pitu de la casa de los Penques juega al bingo

Jaume Sisa - Inocentes

Schrittli für Schrittli, wükli, wükli isi
Mir chömet eus chli nöcher, kän Grund zum verstieft si
Dini Küss, sie sind so wi Günnä, eifach Bingo, mega, sensual
Frau, du weisch, din Style isch Limbo

Kevin Gehriger - Immer Langsam (Despacito - Schweizerdeutsche Version)

Y qué pasa si soy del montón.
Si siempre salgo con mi caparazón.
Si en los bailes siempre piso, …
si en el bingo me despisto, …
si con un par de copas
cuento lo más íntimo.

Pastora - Y qué pasa si soy del montón

Es tan fina, me aturde
He aquí lo que pasa, después de la escuela
Acabo de sacarme la lotería, hizo clic y me siguió
B-I-N-G-O, bingo, bingo
Pon mi foto en tu casillero escolar
Cuéntales a tus amigas, yo le diré a mi pandilla

Jacob Sartorius - Bingo

Un sentimento ottimo,
La mia mente è libera,
Mi chiedo se giusto dopo
Il mondo urla 'Bingo'
Ti guardo come sono Kink-Kong
Uh, ti voglio

Kasmir - Bambini

Which-which one, tell me.

My day is a bingo and not bullshit pro.
Who's whose bro, who's whose what.
Whose-whose-whose track is cooler,

Mot - Dallas Malevolent Club

Panchine, verde, il centro sociale degli anziani sempre aperto.
Lo spettacolo della tombola pomeridiana con gli strafattoni che duellavano con i fagioli insieme alle pensionate era stupefacente.
Molto più della facile battuta.
Molto più divertente del bingo di adesso.

La loro presenza e le loro debolezze attiravano alcune ragazze dall'estrema periferia del nostro impero.

Offlaga Disco Pax - Cioccolato I.A.C.P.

Taki mam plan, w karty gram
Wracam, gdy już robi się widno
Lubię ten stan, kiedy gram
Zmieniam twarz i nagle jest zimno

Beata Kozidrak - Bingo

(Clap, clap, clap, clap, clap)
(Clap, clap, clap, clap, clap)
(Clap, clap, clap, clap, clap)
E Bingo era o seu nome!

Portuguese Children Songs - Bingo

Het is de eerste keer sinds dat ik je ontmoet heb,
Je familie is streng dus ik ben bang maar ook opgewonden.
Het is geen goed teken dat de telefoon blijft trillen.
De bel gaat, ding dong, een signaal om de bingo te verlaten.
Ik moet haar verzekeren,
Met een geloofwaardig excuus,

GD&TOP - Ga niet naar huis (Ga niet naar huis)

The sea swamps an island very simply
It’s veracious if it is unanswered

Very well to hit the bingo singly...

Yanka Dyagileva - Worldwide Rain

María moare de cancer,
Pablo a fumat prima lui ţigară ieri.
Alicia nu se va întoarce,
nu a trecut peste asta Javier.
Eduardo beat ajunge acasa.
Olga fuge să se ascundă cu Diana.

Xhelazz - Numai sunt vieţi.

Ich siteme Wiili han ich dich im mim Visier
wasi wott isch nur en Tanz mit dir
du und scho dä ganz ja ganz Abig luegsch mich a
zeigmer nur dä Wäg woni muss gah

du du bisch min Magnet und ich bi dis Metall

Ayo Hope - Ganz Ganz Isi

Och det blev ju som vanligt,
jag har inte vunnit nått

När loket ropar bingo,
ja då blir man inte glad
När man har fina nummer på en rad

Eddie Meduza - Sluta spela bingolotto

Schritt für Schritt, wirklich, wirklich einfach
Wir kommen uns gleich näher, kein Grund zum versteift sein
Deine Küsse, sie sind so wie (?), einfach Bingo, mega, sensationell
Frau, du weißt, dein Stil ist Limbo

Kevin Gehriger - Immer Langsam (Despacito - Schweizerdeutsche Version)