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Today I stopped to write
Something about you
And I just let myself get carried away
By the thrill of talking to you
About day that you were born
From the love of your mother and me
A beautiful gift that God gave us
The reality of a dream of mine
And when you cried
God taught me a new song
Your eyes of a little angel
Were turning into my religion
Things that don't get out of my head
The first time you called me dad
I'm gonna confess you now, my daughter
With you I have learned that a man must have a family
You're 15 years old now
Tears of happiness are coming out of my eyes
My little angel that fascinates now
You'll be always my girl in my eyes
Daughter, where you're gonna go
There might be no a place left to your dad
But be sure that I will always be
Close to you, wherever you go
It's not that I will watch you
It's not that I want to be your owner
That's just a care of father
Daughter, I love you
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Alma Barroca    Sun, 18/06/2017 - 22:45

Por que você adicionou a mesma tradução, só que com poucas mudanças, duas vezes - e em duas contas de usuário diferentes?