Grammar nazi

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Grammar nazi (English) — المصحح النازي - الشخص الذي يتصيد الاخطاء اللغوية و النحوية للأخرين حتى لو في محادثة عادية معتبرا ٱياه واجب على عاتقه

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Grammar nazi — Someone who believes it's their duty to correct any grammar and/or spelling mistakes they observe.

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"Grammar nazi" in lyrics

Man muss nur kurz in deine Textzeilen blicken
Und man sieht dich überwiegend Laskahs Rechtsschreibung dissen
Du Vollidiot, ist dir nicht klar, dass du dich selber damit fickst?
Du bestärkst es, wenn du sagst, dass du ein Grammar-Nazi bist
Ich zerbombe dich Hochstapler, Fotze dein Großvater
Drückte damals schon den Knopf im Konzentrationslager

SpongeBOZZ - SpongeBOZZ Vs. Gio [KINGFINALE JBB 2014]

And you jump onto my back because
You can't walk with those shoes on cobblestone
You smell of fags [fn]cigarettes[/fn] and too much perfume, and
You're heavier than I think [fn]I want to write "thought" so badly here, but it's written in present tense in Swedish (which isn't really correct afaik if we're grammar nazi-ing here)[/fn]
But I don't want to ruin the moment[fn]"paja/pajja" is slang, "förstöra" would probably fit in better here (in my opinion, it's the same meaning) but possible that it was iffy with the flow of the song or something[/fn]
I keep a straight face and clench my teeth [fn]or "I play unaffected and bite the bullet; this line is two Swedish idioms, and I don't think the first one has a corresponding saying in English[/fn]

Lilla Sällskapet - Above the clouds