Hit the jackpot

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Hit the jackpot (English) — Çoxlu pul qazanmaq.

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Hit the jackpot — To make or win a lot of money quickly, unexpectedly.

English, explained by RadixIce on Sat, 10/06/2017 - 15:07

Translations of "Hit the jackpot"

AzerbaijaniCekpotu udmaq
EnglishYahtzee !
FrenchGagner le gros lot
FrenchToucher le jackpot
FrenchBingo !
Russianсорвать куш

"Hit the jackpot" in lyrics

And any time we get up, always end up on the news
Ain't worried bout no press and ain't worried bout the next chick
They love the way you dress and ain't got shit up on you
Jackpot, hit the jackpot (whoo!)
Just made a bad miss without the ass shots (whoo!)
You look good, girl, you know you did good, don't you?

Selena Gomez - Good for you

파이팅 넘치게

떼창 떼창 떼창해라
We hit the jackpot baby

라라라 라랄라, uh, Luxury Luxury life

Block B - Jackpot (잭팟)

what do you gain if you distrust
on this night if
you give it to me
you'll hit the Jackpot

come mamita come

CNCO - Mamíta

Tell me that you're single and you're waiting for me

I can see us together on top
We livin' like we hit the jackpot
Cha-ching, like money in the bank
You should be with me

Cody Simpson - All Day

Head back, lay it down like a vegas girl
Like a vegas girl

Hit the jackpot underneath the cover
Intoxicated, you’re like a drug, girl
Grab a glass, girl rain tequila

Conor Maynard - Vegas girl

<strong>Hanimini hüppen dezigi banna rap rap
Tefeşle kayyüş illede kıtmir rap rap (4)</strong>
Wheeling and dealing, who takes who gives, rap rap
Hit the jackpot, daddy, hit and hit, rap rap
Raptiye rap rap zaptiye zap zap rap rap
What's up "as a matter of fact"(1), "the hat"(2) came back, rap rap

maNga - Raptiye Rap Rap

Sing, sing, sing together
We hit the jackpot baby

[P.O./Block B]


Yeah, just know my condo is the crack spot
Every single show she out there reppin' like a mascot
Get it from the back and make your fucking bra strap pop
All up in yo slot until the nigga hit the jackpot

Baby, you my everything, you all I ever wanted

Drake - Best I Ever Had

I am Panama, I am Partagas
I am the most beautiful I go out hunting
I glide from palace to palace
To hit the jackpot
Which waits for nothing but my charm
I want her crazy like a fagot

Jacques Brel - Knokke-Le-Zoute Tango

I meet at the block with sonny and let's go, destroy the gangs
it makes no sense, I'm up to my chin in debt
Now I forage and hit the jackpot
you have to be hard too
if the beat doesn't go on

Bushido - From curb to skyline

ddechang ddechang ddechanghaera
We hit the jackpot baby

[P.O./Block B]


Long term, that's how I think
My life could've turned out ugly
I'm talkin ugly, Janet Reno
But I turned it all around and hit the jackpot
De Niro, Casino, dale

Pitbull - Do It

[Verse 2:]
Pocket them dividends, christen that bezel
You plottin' on niggas, you pickin' that petal
How could that little young bitch from the ghetto hit the jackpot, ran off with the cash pot!
Keep jockin' this jiggy bitch, jigglin' - hello!
That gymnast body, black feminist rebel

Azealia Banks - The Big Big Beat

Like a vegas girl

Roll the dice, I’ve got your number
Hit the jackpot underneath the cover
Intoxicated, you’re like a drug, girl
Grab a glass, girl rain tequila

Conor Maynard - Vegasss Girl

[Verse 1: Nicki Minaj]
Yo, he ain't messing with no average chick, pop, pop
He got Nicki, he know that he hit the jackpot
Every baller tryna score, check them shot clocks
But I hit 'em with them 'Bron/Iguodala blocks

DJ Khaled - Do You Mind

Still got the Macs out, pull the mask down like a mascot
Still trick with bitches, out with money or with ass shots
GOOD had room for one more, I took the last spot
Re-Up Gang, P the nigga, 'Ye done hit the jackpot
Whole 'nother level, then you add fame
That's a whole 'nother devil, legit drug dealer

Pusha T - Trouble On My Mind

So he sends me a drink
as pink as a flamingo
and tells me, girl, tonight
you've hit the jackpot

He has a diploma from Sorbonne

Milica Pavlović - Baja by-bye(a) (Baja Papaya)

And I was raised on rock

Shoot me up baby make me high
And hit the jackpot in the heat of the night
Wanna kiss your lips
Wanna move your hips

Scorpions - Raised On Rock

I guess I'll play the bad guy
I swear I told you last time
You knew I wasn't good for you
But you swore you hit the jackpot
And you swore you struck gold
You were stepping on your toes

Cash Cash - Devil

She a big fan, got my mixtape on her laptop
Cigarettes and Henn, the city is our backdrop
Her and all her friends, Instagramming, taking Snapshots
I got the whiskey, got the weed, hit the jackpot

[Hook: G-Eazy & Kyle]

G-Eazy - Monica Lewinsky

And your homies go out and waste weed (drug)
In the meantime im at home, writing big parts
And if i go out in the evening, i attract bitches
As if i hit the jackpot for the third time
Ah, all hands up, when i please
As if this were a bankrobbery and im the guy with a thick gun

Cro - Cheers

I can see us
together on top
We livin´ like we
hit the jackpot
like money in the bank

Cody Simpson - All Day

Starting fights over little shit, up on the block
Stepped up to selling mothers and brothers the crack rock
Working overtime for making money for the crack spot
Hit the jackpot and wanted to move up to cocaine
fulfilling the Scarface fantasy stuck in his brain
Tired of the block niggas treating him the same

Immortal Technique - Dance With The Devil

Love is only for goddess like me but still it’s in the previous world, that it can’t be seen
I want to steal it and have future

And now it’s time for me to hit the Jackpot
Get yo hands out of (my back pocket)
Become a rap bot (I’m)

U-KISS - Jackpot

[Chorus : Bigflo and Oli]
My friends they tell me, why don't you do like the others : alcohol and weed ?
Actually you know it's not your fault, that's who they target
You'd hit the jackpot
Anyway... anyway
No one listens to the lyrics

Bigflo et Oli - No one

True, we don't have the same mother, but we have the same path,
The same struggle, the same sorrows and the same tears
Fuck women, fuck parties, fuck fast living
If I hit the jackpot, I'll give you half
You know it comes from the heart, it goes without saying
Brother-heart, believe me, I'll share every pain with you

Fler - Allegiance

megami yo ore dake aishite mada minu sekai no sono sakini aru
Kiwado i mirai o ubaitai

And now it’s time for me to hit the Jackpot
Get yo hands out of (my back pocket)
Become a rap bot (I’m)

U-KISS - Jackpot

Паитин номчиге

Ттэчан ттэчеа ттэченхэра
We hit the jackpot baby

Лалала лалалла, uh, Luxury Luxury life

Block B - Jackpot

まだ見ぬ世界の その先にある
キワドい未来を 奪いたい

And now it’s time for me to hit the Jackpot
Get yo hands out of (my back pocket)
Become a rap bot (I’m)

U-KISS - Jackpot

He don't dance, but he take the lead though
I watch him all day got confused like Nemo
So fly, they cool for Heathrow
Two pack, hit the jackpot

I know one thing

Fleur East - Baby Don't Dance

The days fooled by nights reached the light
They want to a real "good morning" now

Just the other day, everyone hit the jackpot
When I threw the dice with tough luck
Let everything burn, do you think do I care?

Ferman Akgül - I woke up in love

and infect their families with some disease.

And when I walk past Andel metro station and the street is all black,
I'd hit the jackpot with an atomic bomb there,
I don't get why it all went so fucking wrong,
why there's so much filth on this planet,

Řezník - The Final Solution

When I talk about the Rock
I’m not talking about a rock
I may be on a risky team but it’s not gambling
Hit the jackpot, getting on the hundreds
A lot of artists to support, charge your phone
Bullets get shot, I am Superman

Jay Park - Most Hated

Oh what a story, what will I do
With what I won the other day at the horses?
Oh what a story, I’m a millionaire
Because also, it’s silly, I hit the jackpot

Because that’s how

Cliff Richard - Oh, what a story

Rock을 언급할 땐
바위는 아니지
도박팀이어도 도박은 아니지
Hit the jackpot 그건 백 타 분명해
홍보할 아티스트 많아 핸드폰 충전해
총알 튕겨나가 I am superman

Jay Park - 니가 싫어하는 노래 (MOST HATED)

Rockeul eongeuphal ttaen
Dawineun aniji
Dobaktimieodo dobageun aniji
Hit the jackpot geugeon baek ta bunmyeonghae
Hongbohal atiseuteu manha haendeupon chungjeonhae
Chongal twinggyeonaga I am superman

Jay Park - Niga silheohaneun norae (MOST HATED)

Listen, which company would, huh?
Say no to this genius

In the company’s view, yo, they’ve hit the jackpot
Hazy belief, that is the base of my success
I’m saying this now because it’s a past

Agust D - 724148

Baby, baby, you hit the jackpot
Baby, baby, you hit the jackpot

Till you hit the jackpot
I happen to win the jackpot
And love is such a wonderful game

Arabesque - Hit the Jackpot

Checking if everything is in order just like the last Mohicans among vultures.

The "Little Buffalo" is the boss now
He hit the jackpot with daddy’s company
“Slinky Viper” is sorting mail
And in his free time, he mostly says "cheers!"

Pur - Indians/Native Americans