Turkish (Middle Turkic)

Translations to and from
ArtistSongLanguagesPosted Ago
Spandau BalletGoldEnglish → Turkish (Middle Turkic)3 weeks 2 days
KygoSunriseEnglish → Turkish (Middle Turkic)3 weeks 4 days
Elvis PresleyCan't Help Falling in LoveEnglish → Turkish (Middle Turkic)1 week 3 days
Justin BieberFriendsEnglish → Turkish (Middle Turkic)1 day 16 hours
StephenCrossfire Pt. IIEnglish → Turkish (Middle Turkic)3 days 5 hours
KazakyTHE SUNTurkish (Middle Turkic) → English (Middle English)2 days 16 hours
StephenFly DownEnglish → Turkish (Middle Turkic)3 days 5 hours
JakuziGeriye DönemiyorTurkish (Middle Turkic) → German3 weeks 6 days
StephenOutroEnglish → Turkish (Middle Turkic)2 days 6 hours
StephenMr. ManEnglish → Turkish (Middle Turkic)2 days 7 hours
TriptidesWhere You AreEnglish → Turkish (Middle Turkic)6 days 8 hours
StephenLine It UpEnglish → Turkish (Middle Turkic)3 days 5 hours