Cristiano Araújo - Maus Bocados (English translation)

English translation

Rough Times

I know your heart talked about me
I know it said you're missing me
It also said it's difficult without me
The nights out and friends are not helping
I know your heart screamed for me
During the last country song that DJ played
To make matters worse, it was the one we used to dance
Suddenly you missed me and cried
Yeah, I know it's hard
And if you ask me
How I know all of this
Because I've also been Through these rough times
I suffered, I cried dumped
And I haven't forgotten you
No, no, no, no
I've also been
And I called you drunk without sense of time
Just like you are doing now
Calling collect
Crying, wanting to love me
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Maus Bocados

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