José Alfredo Jiménez - Ni el dinero ni nada (English translation)

English translation

Neither the money nor anything else

Because I am the way I am, you despise me without reason,
because I live among people whom you say they aren't up to your standards,
you don't let me sing at your grille, like others sing to you,
you don't let me shout that I love you with profound tenderness.
Because I am the way I am, your affection is leaning me,
because I didn't make money in the world, they are defeating me,
I don't have the rights to anything just for being a vagabond,
but I know that you are adoring me deep down, in your soul.
I can't think that your love for me will come to an end,
neither the money, nor anything or anyone else will be able to separate us,
there are memories that never will be erased, and that's the way ours are,
to be able to forget so many things, they would have to kill us.
If you really are leaving, tell me facing me,
if you are thinking of sending me a letter, don't bother,
this good-bye, sweetheart, I demand to do it looking at your face,
and if no longer there is love in your eyes, I'll go away from your life.
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Ni el dinero ni nada

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