Anaïs - Peut-être une angine (English translation)

English translation

Maybe it's a throat infection

I try to think about something else than you but in vain
Because your image is here, like an obsession.
Whatever people can do, they have something of you,
in their walk, their voice, or juste their jacket
a bit old-fashioned, you should throw it away,
it's very ugly.
And you're boiling in my head,
I am sweating like a little goat.
I am shaking like a squirrel,
I feel like I'm gonna pass out
My throat is tied when I see you,
I got " sick from you " *
Or maybe it's a throat infection ?
Papa palalala, or maybe it's a throat infection
Papa palalala...
I may try to fight, but you put me in a weird state,
Close to Ohio, Iowa and Alaska.
I am tired, thoughtful, and even more.
But could you bring my worries to an end ?
And to my agony ? A thousand people,
but only you in the world.
And I walk around like a sorrowful donkey.
I drink rhum until I lose breath
I vanish to dust from the morning, really early.
I make circles, "ha"s, and gags.
I arrive like appendicitis.
I feel emptied like a trout.
You put my stomach upside down,
This is you that I have deep in me.
Or maybe an alien ?
Papa palalala, or maybe an alien ? (×3)
palapa palalala…
I try to think about something else than you but in vain.
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Author's comments:

* My sickness is you.


Peut-être une angine

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