Rick & Renner - Só Pensando Em Você (English translation)

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Just Thinking of You

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Memories don't stop
Tormenting my head
With what has passed
Our story
Stay in my memory
Like a movie that marked
That makes me question
If everything that we live together ends
You've gone away
But let a void
And with it the loneliness
That terrifies me
That mistreats and hurts
My heart
That suffers for not having
The happiness that is in your hands
How much longer
Will you take to reflect
About our relationship
Your silence brings
The despair
And I can no longer stand
Your indecision
I need to give a break to my heart
I have cried so hard
Just thinking of you
It's useless trying
To forget you
I can even pretend
That I don't love you anymore
But my life is so bored without you
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Só Pensando Em Você

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