Oceanic Folk - Soke (English translation)

Tongan (Old Tongan)


Soke! He siale toli nofo
Au ta tuia soke
Lupe fau falele
Matangi angi pea mo(h)e
ʻAtu e! Langa mai fohe
Isake, isake, isake, isake'io!
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English translation


Soke! 1 Picking gardenias while standing still. 2
The wind surges and then subsides
Bring forth an oar. Row! 3
  • 1. name of the dance
  • 2. nofo means to "stay" as in "stay there"
  • 3. as in to paddle
"Work hard in silence, let your success be your noise!"
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Author's comments:

The Soke derives from the 'Uvea (Wallis) and Futuna islands, thus some of the words (which I have not translated) have no clear meaning in modern Tongan.

Below is another performance of the Soke -- one of my favorites!

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