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Antonio JoséPor Fin Te Enconté  Spanish1 day 10 hours
Antonio JoséMe He Enamorado  Spanish1 day 11 hours
Antonio JoséTu Boca  Spanish1 day 11 hours
Antonio JoséÓdiame  Spanish1 day 11 hours
Antonio JoséMe Olvidé  Spanish1 day 11 hours
Joan IsaacDos o tres segons de tendresa  Catalan1 day 11 hours
Joan IsaacSóc  Catalan1 day 11 hours
河图倾尽天下  Chinese1 day 12 hours
Les Humphries SingersSing Sang Song  German1 day 12 hours
Cindy & BertDie Sommermelodie  German1 day 12 hours
Ulla WiesnerParadies, wo bist du?  German1 day 12 hours
Nora NovaMan gewöhnt sich so schnell an das Schöne  German1 day 12 hours
Neon TreesSongs I Can't Listen To  English1 day 13 hours
Coheed and CambriaIsland  English1 day 13 hours
Leo PontesOlhos Fechados  Portuguese1 day 13 hours
Nada (Italy)Angelo ribelle  Italian1 day 13 hours
Nada (Italy)Cara  Italian1 day 13 hours
Nada (Italy)Ci sei  Italian1 day 13 hours
Nada (Italy)Per aspettare te  Italian1 day 13 hours
Nada (Italy)Charlotte  Italian1 day 13 hours
Nada (Italy)In un prato  Italian1 day 13 hours
Arseniy TarkovskyКнига травы  Russian1 day 14 hours
Les PrêtresAlléluia (Hallelujah)  French1 day 14 hours
Tio FreezySwa Fana  Portuguese1 day 14 hours
Arseniy TarkovskyГде целовали степь курганы...  Russian1 day 14 hours
KloroJá Não Posso Esperar  Portuguese1 day 14 hours
TeknikNão É Assim  Portuguese1 day 15 hours
TeknikUp All Night  Portuguese1 day 15 hours
Les PrêtresSpiritus Dei (Sarabande)  Latin1 day 15 hours
TeknikAcredita  Portuguese1 day 15 hours
Carlos GardelDe flor en flor  Spanish1 day 15 hours
TeknikLemme Luv U  Portuguese1 day 15 hours
TeknikAdeus  Portuguese1 day 15 hours
TeknikFRE$CO  Portuguese1 day 15 hours
Die IrrlichterRoter Mond  German1 day 15 hours
Lelio MorraLe Canzoni  Italian1 day 15 hours
LACCO TOWERMadara (斑)  Japanese1 day 15 hours
ElektraSe Pensar  Portuguese1 day 16 hours
ThalassaMia krifi evaisthisia | Μια κρυφή ευαισθησία  Greek1 day 17 hours
BangStop  Greek1 day 17 hours
DumDum BoysKunne vært verre  Norwegian1 day 17 hours
Kristi StassinopoulouMou les (Μου λες)  Greek1 day 17 hours
Žiga i BandistiDomovina Horvatskoga sina  Croatian (Kajkavian dialect)1 day 18 hours
Themis AdamantidisSaradapede kopelies (Σαρανταπέντε κοπελιές)  Greek1 day 18 hours
FreestayDaca sunt lup  Romanian1 day 18 hours
Tania TsanaklidouCharlie Chaplin (Τσάρλυ Τσάπλιν)  Greek1 day 19 hours
Afroditi FridaClown (Κλόουν)  Greek1 day 19 hours
Wicked (musical) (OST)Desafiar a Gravidade  Portuguese1 day 19 hours
Diklaמסקרה שחורה  Hebrew1 day 19 hours
Ingrid OlavaUgjenkjennelig  Norwegian1 day 19 hours
Carlene CarterThe Sweetest Thing  English1 day 20 hours
Betta LemmeBambola  French1 day 20 hours
Yemi AladeKpirim  English1 day 20 hours
Wabi DanekHallelujah  Czech1 day 20 hours
123LunaticLa chanson du Drama  French1 day 20 hours
Lasse & MathildeSyrenprinsesse  Danish1 day 21 hours
Kawada MamiSatanic  Japanese1 day 21 hours
Takagi & KetraDa sola / In the night  Italian1 day 21 hours
Kate & Anna McGarrigleI'm Losing You  English1 day 21 hours
RussFlip  English1 day 21 hours
Massimo De DivitiisStrana Vita  Italian1 day 21 hours
Traste Lindéns KvintettÅh, vilket liv  Swedish1 day 21 hours
IconcrashThe River  English1 day 21 hours
KeimzeitMama, sag' mir, warum  German1 day 21 hours
Guillaume ApollinaireTrois poèmes de Louise Lalanne (chanson)  French1 day 21 hours
Jackson BrowneStay (Live)  English1 day 21 hours
IconcrashThe Knife  English1 day 21 hours
BØRNSSweet Dreams  English1 day 21 hours
Good Morning AmericaSora bakari Miteita (空ばかり見ていた)  Japanese1 day 22 hours
M.J.A.V.VSE JE V REDU  Slovene1 day 22 hours
IconcrashStockholm  English1 day 22 hours
Helicopter GirlAngel City  English1 day 22 hours
RenaudTu vas au bal?  French1 day 22 hours
Francis PongeSymphonie pastorale  French1 day 22 hours
Carrie UnderwoodThe Champion  English1 day 22 hours
Heidi BrühlMarcel  German1 day 22 hours
Margot HielscherFür zwei Groschen Musik  German1 day 22 hours
Peter KrausSchwarze Rose, Rosemarie  German1 day 22 hours
Walter Andreas SchwarzIm Wartesaal zum großen Glück  German1 day 22 hours
VestaKevät  Finnish1 day 22 hours
IconcrashThe Queen Of Our Hearts  English1 day 22 hours
NébalQuand vient l'aurore| Introduction à la poésie classique japonaise  French1 day 23 hours
NOCTURNAL BLOODLUSTGift of Prophecy  English1 day 23 hours
SIAMESFirestorm  English1 day 23 hours
Rita OraPoison(zdot remix)  English1 day 23 hours
KotakHilang  Indonesian1 day 23 hours
MoonMoonPaint (물감)  Korean1 day 23 hours
Fatih ÜrekÜçyüz Beşyüz  Turkish1 day 23 hours
Keaton HensonIf I'm to die  English1 day 23 hours
CamelPhat & ElderbrookCola  English1 day 23 hours
XandraTry  English2 days 50 min
Roberto MuroloPalomma 'e notte  Neapolitan2 days 56 min
Mango (Italy)gli angeli non volano  Italian2 days 1 hour
AsteMRJS!  Finnish2 days 1 hour
AriA Droga do Amor  Portuguese2 days 1 hour
AkcentMy Lady  English2 days 1 hour
ReeaVivre  French2 days 1 hour
Mango (Italy)Mia madre  Italian2 days 1 hour
Zeca BaleiroQuase nada  Portuguese2 days 1 hour