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Suzanne ClachairBallade pour Adeline  English1 day 13 hours
AryHoje Eu Estou para Ti  Portuguese1 day 13 hours
AryEu Nasci pra Bilhar  Portuguese1 day 14 hours
Twenty FingersCintura  Portuguese1 day 14 hours
Twenty FingersAssuma  Portuguese1 day 14 hours
BleachersAlfie's Song (Not So Typical Love Song)  English1 day 14 hours
Twenty FingersAguenta Mais um Pouco  Portuguese1 day 14 hours
UNISON SQUARE GARDENSakura no Ato (all quartets lead to the?)[桜のあと (all quartets lead to the?)]  Japanese1 day 14 hours
Arseniy TarkovskyМне другие мерещятся тени...  Russian1 day 14 hours
Twenty FingersI'm Sorry  Portuguese1 day 14 hours
Arseniy TarkovskyГолуби  Russian1 day 14 hours
Anne Dorte MichelsenHej Far  Danish1 day 14 hours
Arseniy TarkovskyСоберемся понемногу...  Russian1 day 14 hours
HTDHT  English1 day 14 hours
UNISON SQUARE GARDENRyusei no Squall (流星のスコール)  Japanese1 day 14 hours
M.A.XStronger  Portuguese1 day 15 hours
M.A.XQuero Tudo  Portuguese1 day 15 hours
M.A.XO Fim  Portuguese1 day 15 hours
M.A.XBecos Sem Saída  Portuguese1 day 15 hours
M.A.XEx-Amigo  Portuguese1 day 15 hours
M.A.XNada A Esconder  Portuguese1 day 15 hours
M.A.XTxela Mate  Portuguese1 day 15 hours
M.A.XManda-me Um Sinal  Portuguese1 day 15 hours
M.A.XHerança  Portuguese1 day 15 hours
M.A.XLonge do Fim  Portuguese1 day 15 hours
Cartoon SongsSonic El Igual (SatAm) Opening [Español Latino]  Spanish1 day 15 hours
Chris ReaSoup of the day  English1 day 15 hours
Shahram NazeriMan chera del be to dadam  Persian1 day 15 hours
NanookSassuma Arnaa  Greenlandic1 day 15 hours
Isis RoqueEle Gosta de Mim  Portuguese1 day 15 hours
BssHlwКада ат...  Russian1 day 15 hours
Isis RoqueSe Eu Soubesse  Portuguese1 day 15 hours
Isis RoqueSuportei  Portuguese1 day 16 hours
Isis RoqueO que é o que é  Portuguese1 day 16 hours
Isis RoqueQuem  Portuguese1 day 16 hours
EpicaMemory  English1 day 16 hours
Cream (Moçambique)Eu Amo Meu Trabalho  Portuguese1 day 16 hours
Donika GashiAsgje Mos Me Pyt  Albanian1 day 17 hours
Steven Universe (OST)We are the Crystal Gems (Extended Intro in Russian)  Russian1 day 18 hours
Maurice CarêmeMon petit Chat  French1 day 18 hours
Super SakoMi Gna (Մի Գնա) - Maître Gims Remix  Armenian1 day 18 hours
Henry Huo孤芳不自賞 (Ost General and I)  Chinese1 day 19 hours
Gal CostaNeguinho  Portuguese1 day 19 hours
Steven Universe (OST)We are the Crystal Gems (Russian)  Russian1 day 19 hours
Football Anthems BrazilHino da Chapecoense  Portuguese1 day 19 hours
Cartoon SongsSonic The Hedgehog Theme (SatAm) موضوع سونيك القنفذ  Arabic1 day 19 hours
RikardionsOdiņš  Latvian1 day 19 hours
Max CinnamonAilleurs  French1 day 20 hours
RikardionsMīlas tuksnesī  Latvian1 day 20 hours
SweemLà-Haut  French1 day 20 hours
June the GirlSame  French1 day 20 hours
Madame MonsieurMercy  French1 day 20 hours
TranzītsCik ilgi  Latvian1 day 20 hours
Cartoon SongsRetter von Redwall (Deutscher Vorspann)  German1 day 20 hours
TranzītsStrauts  Latvian1 day 20 hours
TranzītsNevaru būt balts  Latvian1 day 20 hours
PartajDesculti prin zapada  Romanian1 day 20 hours
TranzītsCik labi tu šovakar izskaties  Latvian1 day 20 hours
Pay PandoraRemember (Acoustic)  English1 day 20 hours
TranzītsSeptiņas dienas  Latvian1 day 20 hours
Liene ŠomaseUgunskurs  Latvian1 day 20 hours
Andris SkujaUgunskurs nakts tumsā kvēlo  Latvian1 day 20 hours
Pay PandoraRise  English1 day 20 hours
Elizabeth IOn Monsieur's Departure  English (Old English)1 day 20 hours
Sini SabotageKiitti  Finnish1 day 21 hours
ZāleAtzīšanās  Latvian1 day 21 hours
Christian Hymns & SongsAt the Lamb's High Feast We Sing  English1 day 21 hours
ChristopheOcéan d'amour  French1 day 21 hours
F.CharmA fost odată  Romanian1 day 21 hours
Pay PandoraLet's Play  English1 day 21 hours
Lali EspósitoCuando Estoy Con Vos  Spanish1 day 21 hours
Nuno JúdiceZoologia: O gato  Portuguese1 day 21 hours
Diljit DosanjhRaat Di Gedi  Punjabi1 day 21 hours
Maria Teresa de NoronhaFado Batê  Portuguese1 day 21 hours
Jeff BuckleyDink's Song  English1 day 21 hours
Pokémon (OST)Pokémon Theme (Gotta Catch 'Em All)  Italian1 day 21 hours
The Lion King (Musical)Cicle vital [Circle of life]  Catalan1 day 21 hours
Jassem MohammedYa Hob (يا حب )  Arabic1 day 21 hours
ForbesBeatles  Swedish1 day 21 hours
Nuno JúdiceZoologia: O Melro  Portuguese1 day 21 hours
Vanessa BarumBelíssima  Portuguese1 day 21 hours
Os AmigosPortugal no coração  Portuguese1 day 21 hours
The CoastersCharlie Brown  English1 day 21 hours
Zecchino d'OroPopoff  Italian1 day 21 hours
Anne-Marie BFrère Jacques  French1 day 21 hours
The PlayersProto Fili  Greek1 day 21 hours
The Swarbriggs Plus TwoIt’s Nice to Be in Love Again  English1 day 21 hours
Allan EdwallFamiljeporträtt  Swedish1 day 21 hours
Ivana SelakovPromukla od bola  Bosnian1 day 21 hours
Emir HadDozivotna Kamata  Bosnian1 day 21 hours
Ana BekutaIme sreće  Bosnian1 day 22 hours
LCMDFRookie  English1 day 22 hours
Dream ExpressA million in one, two, three  English1 day 22 hours
Soccer Anthems ItalyUdinese Calcio Anthem  Italian1 day 22 hours
SchmetterlingeBoom Boom Boomerang  German1 day 22 hours
Allan EdwallFörhoppning  Swedish1 day 22 hours
Melanie SafkaSave the Night  English1 day 22 hours
Fausto LealiPregherò (Stand By Me)  Italian1 day 22 hours
Pokémon (OST)Tema Pokémon [Pokémon Theme] (European Portuguese)  Portuguese1 day 22 hours
National Anthems & Patriotic SongsChinese Patriotic Song - Dōngfāng Hóng (東方紅)  Chinese1 day 22 hours