Think out of the box

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Think out of the box (English) — Think in an original or creative way. (ref. Oxford Dictionary)

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Translations of "Think out of the box"

Englishthink outside the box
FrenchSortir des sentiers battus
Germanausgetretene Pfade verlassen
ItalianPensare fuori dagli schemi

"Think out of the box" in lyrics

oh yeah
I'm vaccinated by now, you know
need to think out of the box
what to do?
oh yeah

Vasco Rossi - oh yeah

We're not going to sweat because we're not Chinese
They never have a break to shit and eat
We're going to be the western adults
Who think out of the box because that's where the bucks are!"
Then he said "But", then they said "Hush"
Then they took a pen, then they made cross

Per Vers - DUMB