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It's the last day of the year, let's spread love, not hate :)Alma Barroca12
You clearly don't understand what "being respectful" means. No, it doesn't "obviously" refer to just refraining from blatant curse words. Because that's what you're claiming you HAVEN'T used. But that...LjL11
Calling homosexuality an "unnatural abomination" a "sexual abnormality" and a "sexual aberration" and by that discriminating the minority of persons born with that sexual inclination (it is not "a cho...Hansi K_Lauer10
It's a delicate subject. What is offensive to me can be not-offensive to others, specially when it comes to music. I'm against censoring any kind of content (unless those that have been legally prohib...Alma Barroca9
Please respect other people for their personal choices and opinions. You weren't attacked anywhere by any of the users present here, so keep that tone up. I will remove your comment now because it's e...Alma Barroca8
To be fair, referring to a male partner in a same-sex marriage as husband enclosed within scare quotes could carry certain implications. For ex...tdwarms8
There is no respectful way to attack someone's human dignity. It just does not work that way.Osa8
I'm not disturbed by anything overly vulgar or explicitly sexual, I just choose not to depending on the subject. Have I translated songs like that? yeah, and I always leave a note at the very bottom l...phantasmagoria8
It's time to add comedy :)
The Abruzzese is a language related to the Neapolitan group (middle southern) but has several differences from the Neapolitan in the strict sense. I can understand Neapolitan fairly well (I also made...Hampsicora7
Perhaps not hater, but those that disagree or, 'consider what we do an unnatural abomination,' is because they aren't able to express what we can and do.  ;)Ivan Ortiz Jr.7
Couldn't you be a bit more respectful? Don't you realise you may hurt others' feelings by saying that?Josemar7
[@hunhxc], you are free to express yourself. However, you crossed the line of freedom of expression when you used that right to say that gay people are ruining their lives and that they do an unnatura...Alma Barroca7
I don't mind. Normally, such doesn't bring much extra value, but neither does it take any. In some cases it is also necessary due to the topic, or even the basis of the text's humor or metaphorical ...Sciera7
If you have children or will have children the answer will be obvious. Censorship won't be an evil word then. Children perusing this site and looking for 'nasty' words and maybe repeating them in your...Ww Ww7
It's not against the rules for more than one user to submit a translation, so please keep such comments to yourself.phantasmagoria7
[@Achampnator] Ah, it ate my comment. But this is what I had tried to comment: I am not sure of what your question means, do you mean what was the point of commenting with your concerns if my respo...phantasmagoria7
Editors can't edit translations, we can only edit the songs. *just an informative comment passing by*Klou7
I think the name came from both etymologies :) This is similar to my name, Evander: one etymology is from Greek meaning "good man", and the other is an anglicised version of the Scottish name Iomhar.dionysius6
Hello, although there is nothing against the rules for what you're asking, there are rules in place to make sure only users who speak either the source language or target language of your translation ...phantasmagoria6
True, true, I'm sorry about that.  :-o .  *thumbs_up*  Ivan Ortiz Jr.6
Rather direct, but yes. I simply identify myself using the word 'gay.' At least where I live, we don't use 'homosexual,' only if it is used as demeaning.  :DIvan Ortiz Jr.6
Sorry for taking part in someone else's comment, but nice to know. Here in Brazil people usually use the word 'homosexual' in respect - of course, there are several other derogatory terms which I won'...Alma Barroca6
I have no problem with profanity in itself. I have problems with intents though. For instance the famous poet-singer Brassens could write a song about prostitutes where he used things like "clap" o...petit élève6
… that's not a minor mistakeazucarinho6
Really Mark, why are you doing this? Nobody doubts the time and efforts you put into this site, many people appreciate your contributions and anyone who spent a few minutes looking at your translatio...petit élève6
Banning someone is an extreme action, so we Mods debate before doing anything. I personally only ban users who are clearly spammers or that insist on doing wrong things after being asked not to (i.e.:...Alma Barroca6
It can be stated that every town in Italy has its own dialect. They can be bundled up according to the province or region i.e. as "Neapolitan" or "Campano" but there are still variations present. Th...MichaelNa5
New Year forum
Congratulations, Jala, and happy New Year to all! 2017 brought me one more year, and 2018 will bring me (hoppefully) one more. What can I do? C'est la vie! (Thanks to God).
roster 315
New Year forum
Hi! Happy holidays, LT! :) Let 2018 be a year of joy, happiness, knowledge, love, tolerance, respect and richness. :) My answers: -What was the best thing in 2017 that happened to you? Well, it w...
Alma Barroca5
New Year forum
Happy holidays and New Year! The best thing that happened to me in 2017? It's hard to decide between starting uni and Portugal winning Eurovision... What do I want from 2018 and what do I want ...
New Year forum
Lol, now I'm in the future :D it is already 2018 here :d Happy new year, guys!
New Year forum
Happy New Year to everyone! Still nine hours to go here, though :) I've been here for two years already but this year I think I've gotten more involved in LT and language in general. Thanks to all ...
No need to be sorry, in this translating community we learn through and with each other.  :)Ivan Ortiz Jr.5
Yes, well, it seems pretty obvious to me that they were questioning the validity of their relationship and implying that the term "husband" would would not be applicable. Honestly, if someone wants to...LjL5
New Year forum
I'm really happy that the new year gathered us together :d Another creepy joke from me: I remember 2017 as if it was yesterday lol Me and my creepy jokes. :d
Apparently, the Chinese character 禪 on the error page means "Zen" in Japanese, "Chán" in Mandarin. Interesting choice for an error page... :)tdwarms5
Seems like it's fixed :DKlou5
A big thank you to them :)Klou5
I think the system sends these notifications only once a day, in my notifications it's also at 1.05 am. It's like "You got 2 likes yesterday" and "You got 3 "Thanks" yesterday". Would be annoying to g...maluca5
I only recently found the transcription part of this site. I'm not fully fluent in two languages, which means I can't translate anything, so for me this is a way to contribute!HannibelleLecter5
More than one user can work on the same request. In the future, make sure to click the In Progress button on the request page to let other users know it's being worked on if you'd lik...phantasmagoria5
R.I.P Dolores O’ Riordan :(makis175
Currently there is no way to collect all Eurovision songs by year (or them all) in one place, as they belong to their performers, but now for example I can create Eurovision 2017 collection and add th...Ivan U7n5
i think its quite vulgar when translating a line takes me 5 times longer just cause some hypocrite decided to shush out the words that are actually sung. he should take this as therapy: https://ww...SaintMark5
Just remembering that you can (and should) come to Brazil without the fear of being eaten by giant snakes or being drugged by anyone (afterall, bad people exist everywhere) ;)Alma Barroca5
Just thought of something. What do you think of adding a note to songs that have been added to collections to say something like 'Song included in the following collections: (x), (y), (z), (...)', lis...Alma Barroca5
Middle English? Art thou sure?DarkJoshua5
Not trying to be nosy or anything... But it's your translation. It would've taken you less time to correct it than arguing pointlessly...Rezz5
I'm totally ok with people skipping profanities when quoting bits of text, if they prefer to avoid using that kind of language themselves. However, censoring swearwords in original lyrics, when the a...petit élève5