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Student & Software Test Technician

About me

Hello everyone! My name is Luiza, I'm 20 and I'm just a young woman described by three words: strange, rebellious, mysterious :p.

I am a junior studying Computers and Information Technology and I also work part-time as a software test technician. I like my job and I'm planning to start working full-time as soon as I graduate. However, I can't say the same about my faculty, which is why I'd like to study Logistics instead for my Master's Degree.

In my free time I like reading (my favourite book series is Throne of Glass by Sarah J. Maas), listening to music, chatting/hanging out with my friends and buddies, or dedicating myself to my hobbies, which include playing the piano, writing quotes, playing chess and bridge, and of course, translating lyrics on this website Wink smile ! One of my hobbies is also swimming, but unfortunately, I have no time for it at the moment since working and studying at the same time involves a very tight schedule. However, this is only a matter of a few more years. After I'm done with my Master's Degree, too, I'd also like to take up swordfight.

My 3 favourite colours are turquoise, black, and silver-grey.

I generally like things which are far from mainstream, such as unusually-shaped pieces of jewellery or atypical make-up colours :p.

I listen to a wide variety of musical genres, namely pop, rock, classical, new wave, techno, celtic, dance, synthpop metal, trance, electronica, darkwave, house. My favourite composer is Mozart, and my favourite band is Within Temptation :).

My favourite song of all times is "Underneath" by Tarja Turunen as its lyrics describe me perfectly.

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BlutengelMeine Zeit verschwenden English → GermanEnglish → German
BlutengelNo eternity German → English
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German → English
thanked 2 times
LevinaViaţa ideală English → RomanianEnglish → Romanian
L’Âme ImmortelleCând soarele a încetat să mai strălucească English → RomanianEnglish → Romanian
BlutengelNarben English → GermanEnglish → German
BlutengelAll the wounds German → EnglishGerman → English
BlutengelCicatrici English → RomanianEnglish → Romanian
BlutengelSă-mi pierd timpul English → RomanianEnglish → Romanian
Within TemptationVerloren English → German
thanked 1 time
English → German
thanked 1 time
Within TemptationAmintiri English → RomanianEnglish → Romanian
BlutengelÎntreagă English → RomanianEnglish → Romanian
NeuroticfishCiudatul English → RomanianEnglish → Romanian
Robbie WilliamsÎmi iubesc viaţa English → Romanian2
1 vote, thanked 1 time
English → Romanian
1 vote, thanked 1 time
Anita DothDas ist die Wirklichkeit English → German1English → German
BlutengelTrăieşte-ţi visul German → RomanianGerman → Romanian
Code 64Să mă găsiţi English → RomanianEnglish → Romanian
t.A.T.u.Perfekter Feind English → German
thanked 1 time
English → German
thanked 1 time
t.A.T.u.Duşmanul ideal English → RomanianEnglish → Romanian
BlutengelLive your dream German → English5
thanked 8 times
German → English
thanked 8 times
SepiaNicio speranţă pentru ziua de mâine German → RomanianGerman → Romanian
Emmelie de ForestŞotron English → RomanianEnglish → Romanian
Depeche ModeOamenii sunt oameni English → RomanianEnglish → Romanian
BlutengelFalse pride German → EnglishGerman → English
Within TemptationVoi învinge English → RomanianEnglish → Romanian
BlutengelDisperare German → RomanianGerman → Romanian
SepiaSunt în viaţă German → RomanianGerman → Romanian
BlutengelVisul English → RomanianEnglish → Romanian
Within TemptationCrucea English → RomanianEnglish → Romanian
SepiaCe rămâne German → RomanianGerman → Romanian
SepiaWhat remains German → EnglishGerman → English
SepiaGoodbye sadness German → EnglishGerman → English
SepiaHeaven German → EnglishGerman → English
SepiaI'm alive German → EnglishGerman → English
BlutengelDă-mi mâna German → RomanianGerman → Romanian
BlutengelRăsărit de soare English → RomanianEnglish → Romanian
Tarja TurunenCasă din ceară English → RomanianEnglish → Romanian
Laura ŞerbanKeine Angst davor zu fallen English → German2English → German
Laura ŞerbanNu mi-e frică să cad English → RomanianEnglish → Romanian
MantusLost in you German → EnglishGerman → English
Within TemptationIn perfekter Harmonie English → German
thanked 2 times
English → German
thanked 2 times
SepiaNo tomorrow German → EnglishGerman → English
BlutengelO voce English → RomanianEnglish → Romanian
BlutengelUn loc numit "acasă" English → RomanianEnglish → Romanian
Kelly ClarksonDin cauza ta English → Romanian
thanked 1 time
English → Romanian
thanked 1 time
Within TemptationJillian English → German
thanked 1 time
English → German
thanked 1 time
BlutengelYour god German → English
thanked 1 time
German → English
thanked 1 time
L’Âme ImmortelleRegen English → GermanEnglish → German
L’Âme ImmortelleAls die Sonne aufgehört hat zu scheinen English → GermanEnglish → German
ErutanDas Weidemädchen English → German
thanked 1 time
English → German
thanked 1 time
Within TemptationDer letzte Tanz English → GermanEnglish → German
Tarja TurunenMein kleiner Phönix English → GermanEnglish → German
Tarja TurunenDunkler Stern English → GermanEnglish → German
BasshunterOp het water lopen English → DutchEnglish → Dutch
Tarja TurunenGoldfinger English → GermanEnglish → German
Tarja TurunenWir sind English → GermanEnglish → German
Tarja TurunenArchiv der verlorenen Träumen English → GermanEnglish → German
BlutengelSchwarze Engel English → GermanEnglish → German
Ruby (Romania)Mach das Licht aus Romanian → GermanRomanian → German
Within TemptationMutter Erde English → German4
thanked 1 time
English → German
thanked 1 time
Within TemptationKlänge der Freiheit English → German1English → German
BlutengelAuf die Nacht wartend English → GermanEnglish → German
BlutengelÎn aşteptarea nopţii English → RomanianEnglish → Romanian
BlutengelWie ein Schatten English → GermanEnglish → German
BlutengelCa o umbră English → RomanianEnglish → Romanian
SepiaFrig German → RomanianGerman → Romanian
SepiaCold German → EnglishGerman → English
Black HeavenPain German → EnglishGerman → English
Black HeavenSoulless German → EnglishGerman → English
KontrastQuestions German → EnglishGerman → English
MantusEndless German → EnglishGerman → English
MantusNight Warrior German → EnglishGerman → English
Beto Vázquez InfinityTrauer in der Nacht English → GermanEnglish → German
Tarja TurunenIch gehe alleine English → GermanEnglish → German
Within TemptationMeine Stellung halten English → German
thanked 1 time
English → German
thanked 1 time
Black HeavenCeva German → RomanianGerman → Romanian
BlutengelNicht zu spät English → GermanEnglish → German
Linkin ParkLeichter davonzulaufen English → GermanEnglish → German
SeelennachtIn die Nacht English → GermanEnglish → German
SeelennachtEines Tages English → GermanEnglish → German
SeelennachtLight on the horizon German → EnglishGerman → English
Linkin ParkEin Schritt näher English → German
thanked 1 time
English → German
thanked 1 time
Black HeavenIt's not me German → EnglishGerman → English
Black HeavenStarless sky German → EnglishGerman → English
Tarja TurunenLebendig sterben English → German2English → German
Code 64Sternenjäger English → GermanEnglish → German
Code 64Stillstand English → GermanEnglish → German
Black HeavenThe old man German → EnglishGerman → English
Black HeavenLight breaks into darkness German → EnglishGerman → English
Black HeavenThe world is going downhill with a smile German → EnglishGerman → English
BlutengelSalvare English → RomanianEnglish → Romanian
BlutengelRettung English → GermanEnglish → German
Within TemptationScară către cer English → RomanianEnglish → Romanian
BlutengelLa destinaţie German → RomanianGerman → Romanian
Black HeavenNimeni German → RomanianGerman → Romanian
Black HeavenNimmermüde English → GermanEnglish → German
Black HeavenNeobosită English → RomanianEnglish → Romanian
BlutengelNu e prea târziu English → RomanianEnglish → Romanian
BlutengelÎngeri negri English → RomanianEnglish → Romanian
Black HeavenStille English → GermanEnglish → German
Black HeavenSomething German → EnglishGerman → English