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http://www.writtensound.com/index.php (Search for words describing sounds)
https://www.howmanysyllables.com/syllable_counter/ (Syllable counter)
http://www.estonica.org/en/ (Estonian Ensyclopidia)
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http://amara.org/fi/ (A tool for subtitling videos)
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Mari PokinenLook, I'm falling Estonian → English
thanked 1 time
Estonian → English
thanked 1 time
Raud-AntsKun minä kasvoin, kananen Other → FinnishOther → Finnish
Amy MacDonaldUnistan edasi English → EstonianEnglish → Estonian
LoitsSuomen-pojat Estonian → Finnish
thanked 1 time
Estonian → Finnish
thanked 1 time
Maija VilkkumaaOh what a wonderful evening Finnish → EnglishFinnish → English
Die HappyLummatud English → EstonianEnglish → Estonian
Amy MacDonaldIlma juurteta English → EstonianEnglish → Estonian
Esa PakarinenOn the train to Vasa Finnish → EnglishFinnish → English
Go Betty GoC'mon English → EstonianEnglish → Estonian
Anna PuuA hungry heart Finnish → English
thanked 2 times
Finnish → English
thanked 2 times
RajatonMystery Finnish → EnglishFinnish → English
Estonian Children SongsWe're going to cut rye Estonian → English1
thanked 3 times
Estonian → English
thanked 3 times
Estonian Children SongsNature's salute to the sun Estonian → EnglishEstonian → English
Estonian Children SongsSpinning Estonian → EnglishEstonian → English
Estonian Children SongsLullaby of a bearcub Estonian → EnglishEstonian → English
Estonian Children SongsJenka of bear grove Estonian → EnglishEstonian → English
Estonian Children SongsKaera Jaan Estonian → EnglishEstonian → English
Estonian Children SongsThe kitten went for a walk Estonian → English3
thanked 1 time
Estonian → English
thanked 1 time
Estonian Children SongsMs Mouse Estonian → EnglishEstonian → English
Howard BlakeMe kõnnime õhus English → EstonianEnglish → Estonian
The BeatlesVajad vaid armastust English → EstonianEnglish → Estonian
Estonian Children SongsSledge ride Estonian → EnglishEstonian → English
Estonian Children SongsThe two Otts Estonian → EnglishEstonian → English
EminemSelviytyminen English → FinnishEnglish → Finnish
EminemPerintö English → FinnishEnglish → Finnish
EminemMuutoksii English → FinnishEnglish → Finnish
The Beatles[Singable] Tüdruk English → EstonianEnglish → Estonian
The Beatles[Singable] Ma nägin just üht nägu English → EstonianEnglish → Estonian
Santtu Karhu & TalvisovatSyksynharmaus Karelian → Finnish1
thanked 1 time
Karelian → Finnish
thanked 1 time
Santtu Karhu & TalvisovatAiroton vene Karelian → FinnishKarelian → Finnish
Santtu Karhu & TalvisovatEi-rakastetun lapsen uni Karelian → Finnish
thanked 1 time
Karelian → Finnish
thanked 1 time
Emerson, Lake & Palmer[Singable] Õnnelik mees English → EstonianEnglish → Estonian
Les Misérables (OST)[Singable] Minu elus English → EstonianEnglish → Estonian
Savage Garden[Singable] Tõeliselt, hullult, sügavalt English → EstonianEnglish → Estonian
Scandinavian Music GroupTie me tighter Finnish → English
thanked 2 times
Finnish → English
thanked 2 times
Les Misérables (OST)[Singable] Majaperemees English → EstonianEnglish → Estonian
Lady GagaLangenud ingel English → EstonianEnglish → Estonian
Les Misérables (OST)[Singable] Tähed English → EstonianEnglish → Estonian
Eeva-Liisa MannerI have three souls Finnish → English
thanked 1 time
Finnish → English
thanked 1 time
The WhoSiniste silmade taga English → EstonianEnglish → Estonian
Les Misérables (OST)Kas kuuled inimesi laulmas sa? English → EstonianEnglish → Estonian
VärttinäThe lady of mist Finnish → English
thanked 2 times
Finnish → English
thanked 2 times
SiaVabaks lastud lind English → EstonianEnglish → Estonian
Estonian Children SongsKati's teddy Estonian → EnglishEstonian → English
Estonian Children SongsThe mouse jumped Estonian → EnglishEstonian → English
Estonian Children SongsFishing song Estonian → EnglishEstonian → English
Estonian Children SongsLet's build a house Estonian → EnglishEstonian → English
Tonis MagiGolden age rock 'n' roll Estonian → EnglishEstonian → English
Estonian Children SongsBubble-bubble-bubble-bubble, little fish Estonian → EnglishEstonian → English
Estonian Children SongsMy tiny home Estonian → EnglishEstonian → English
Danko Jones[Singable] Vii mind koju English → EstonianEnglish → Estonian
Estonian Children SongsThe gooslings Estonian → EnglishEstonian → English
Tonis MagiA ballad Estonian → EnglishEstonian → English
Tonis MagiThe Longing Estonian → EnglishEstonian → English
Karl-Erik TaukarSecretly Estonian → English
thanked 1 time
Estonian → English
thanked 1 time
Amy MacDonald[Singable] On see vast elu English → EstonianEnglish → Estonian
Estonian Children SongsThe elves' Christmas night Estonian → EnglishEstonian → English
Tonis MagiThe bread is cooling Estonian → EnglishEstonian → English
Tonis MagiSt. Elmo's fire Estonian → EnglishEstonian → English
Fool's Garden[Singable] Sidrunipuu English → EstonianEnglish → Estonian
Colbie Caillat[Singable] Eredamalt kui päike English → EstonianEnglish → Estonian
Birdy[Singable] Tiivad English → EstonianEnglish → Estonian
Creed[Singable] Kõrgemale English → EstonianEnglish → Estonian
Estonian Children Songs[Singable] To dear mother Estonian → EnglishEstonian → English
R.E.M.[Singable] Kaotamas oma usku English → EstonianEnglish → Estonian
Arcade Fire[Singable] Mäss (Valed) English → EstonianEnglish → Estonian
Estonian Children SongsAll the little children are already sleeping Estonian → EnglishEstonian → English
Tonis MagiThe tracks Estonian → EnglishEstonian → English
Tonis MagiGrab onto my hand Estonian → EnglishEstonian → English
Grete PaiaThe night still accompanies us Estonian → English
thanked 1 time
Estonian → English
thanked 1 time
Laur ja SadamThe country boy and the city Estonian → English
thanked 1 time
Estonian → English
thanked 1 time
Patune PoolI'll tell you yes Estonian → English
thanked 1 time
Estonian → English
thanked 1 time
Bryan Adams[Singable] Kõik, mida ma teen English → EstonianEnglish → Estonian
Estonian Children Songs[Singable] The crane and the frog Estonian → EnglishEstonian → English
Estonian Children SongsIn the spring (Already the birdies) Estonian → EnglishEstonian → English
Estonian Children Songs[Singable] Who lives in the woods? Estonian → EnglishEstonian → English
Estonian Children Songs[Singable] Away, away little cranes Estonian → EnglishEstonian → English
Queen[Singable] Me näitame sulle English → EstonianEnglish → Estonian
John Lennon[Singable] Kujutle English → EstonianEnglish → Estonian
PantokraatorThe forester Estonian → English
thanked 1 time
Estonian → English
thanked 1 time
Toto (USA)[Singable] Ma mäletan English → EstonianEnglish → Estonian
Johnny Cash[Singable] Haiget tegin English → EstonianEnglish → Estonian
Johnny Cash[Singable] Suur revolver English → EstonianEnglish → Estonian
Johnny Cash[Singable] Isiklik Jeesus English → EstonianEnglish → Estonian
Estonian Children Songs[Singable] The elk's house Estonian → EnglishEstonian → English
Volbeat[Singable] Raadiotüdruk English → EstonianEnglish → Estonian
Volbeat[Singable] Ei paradiis ega põrgu English → EstonianEnglish → Estonian
Volbeat[Singable] Meie English → EstonianEnglish → Estonian
Johnny Cash[Singable] Tulesõõr English → EstonianEnglish → Estonian
The Dubliners[Singable] Linn mida ma niiväga armastasin English → EstonianEnglish → Estonian
The Police[Singable] Iga hingetõmme English → EstonianEnglish → Estonian
Coldplay[Singable] Rohelised silmad English → EstonianEnglish → Estonian
Bobby McFerrin[Singable] Ära muretse, ole rõõmus English → EstonianEnglish → Estonian
Laid Back[Singable] Päiksepaiste reggae English → EstonianEnglish → Estonian
Artur RinneThe forest murmurs Estonian → English
thanked 1 time
Estonian → English
thanked 1 time
CreedAvalisüli English → EstonianEnglish → Estonian
Linkin Park[Singble] Uus lahe English → EstonianEnglish → Estonian
Creedence Clearwater Revival[Singable] Kas oled kunagi sadu näinud sa? English → EstonianEnglish → Estonian
Globus[Singable] Euroopa English → EstonianEnglish → Estonian
Globus[Singable] Miinide aed English → EstonianEnglish → Estonian