Alfredito Olivas - Y por lo pronto (English translation)

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And before long

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Even if the world is upside down,
I will keep a smile
and everything because I know very well that things
will change one day, for good.
And before long, I will wait in the banks,*
but I will never take less care of Doña Blanca,
and before long, I try to entertain myself,
its bad to be impatient and time is a very good friend.
I before long I'll take it calmly,
my laughter doesn't end despite there being no motive.
How different do can you see from outside!
I thought that school was going to be more weary,
but I made friends,
calmly, step by little step, I managed to go on.
While the sand remains coffee**
and the sea waits me until I go out,
there is no rush, also nothing to rush ourselves,
we have to keep calm and hold on.
And before long, I go warming up
for if I leave the bank and return to the court;
and before long, I forge a good cigar,
between friends I share it and kill it at ease.
And before long, I see the picture of my blood,
I know well that my god is great and I ask him
"to see them again", I don't repent and I pound my chest***,
and it is, that thanks to this, there is bread in my table,
more than what I truly lament is to provoke to my own
so many headaches.
And before long I have hope
and the balance is on my side.
And before long I keep on enthusiastic
and I will take out the caste, I have faith in my license;
I will come back even though the world is backwards.
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Author's comments:

*When speaking about banks, they're likely referring to river banks.

**referring to the color of the sand

***to hit ones chest is a sign of repentment often used in latino churches


Y por lo pronto

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